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You Can Control Your Anxiety: 3 Easy Ways to Control Your Anxiety Right Now

Updated: Jan 13

Chronic anxiety is a sign that your nervous system needs love!

I hear clients how anxiety can negatively impact their goals, life, sleep, and more. It can affect our lives. These anxiety solutions below are tools for your anxiety toolbox. You may not use them all the time, and you may only need one, or heck, you may need them all!

I encourage my clients to experiment, try a method for size, and remove it promptly if it doesn't fit. It may take you trying a technique a few times before you can tell if it's right for you & this is perfect and lovely.

Please pick one strategy from below, try it, NOTICE what happens. When I say notice, I mean did you like it? Was it easy? Did it seem odd? Did you feel tingly? Did you feel sick to your stomach? I want you to notice ALL OF IT. These noticings are all data points for our growth. This is also empowering you to decide what you like and what doesn't work for you!

I do want to mention that some anxiety is good. It may convey a message, motivating us to change or adjust as needed. We can typically check in with our soul or intuition at this point and ask what the anxiety is trying to tell you.


Here we go!!

We can control our anxiety by activating the Vagus Nerve. The vagus nervous activates your gut and brain, and it needs to be "toned" so it can regulate your nervous system.

The vagus nervous nerve is the longest in your body + it runs from your tailbone through every major organ, your vocal cords, + your brain.

You turn on your body's relaxation response when you activate your vagus nerve, which helps you feel calmer and more in control.

Chanting + Singing- Your vocal cords are connected to your vagus nerve, + using them helps to stimulate it. Singing, humming, + chanting is known to release the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Voo chanting is om the well-known trauma therapist, Peter Levine. When you exhale, begin chanting the "voooo" sound, direct your breath into your belly.

  • Try VOO chanting to help stimulate your vagus nerve or sing as loud as you can in the shower. (link below)

Deep + Slow Breathing. Deep + slow breathing has been shown to reduce anxiety and activate the nervous system part that helps us digest + rest. Try breathing in deeply from your diaphragm. When you breathe like this, your stomach should expand outward. Your exhale should be long and slow. Breathing deep + low increases the supply of oxygen to your brain + stimulates the vagus nerve, which promotes a state of calmness. It also grounds you in your body + brings you to the present moment.

Hug Someone You Love.

Hugging someone stimulates the vagus nerve, triggering a release of oxytocin (the bonding hormone), which causes a decrease in heart rate, stress hormones cortisol, + norepinephrine. So let's all hug it's healthy! (+ I miss hugs) Weighted blankets can also stimulate being held or hugged.

Practice your favorites + your nervous system can support you when you need it the most.

Let me know what solution you tried and any thoughts about it.

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