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Why You Should Focus on Improving Values In Sobriety

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

What are values?

Why are they essential in sobriety + recovery?

Have you thought about your values and how they can be part of your personal growth?

I believe values are our guideposts, our North Star of how we want to show up in this world. For most people, their lives are generally more comfortable and satisfying when they can identify their values and lean on them to make choices and actions honoring their values, which supports stepping into your power and living an authentic life.

When in active addiction, our values can fall to the wayside. We may be preoccupied with being accepted by others, wanting to feel better, or covering up what we have done to get a drink or drug. In recovery, we may choose to recommit, recreate, or reinvest in our values to help us stay on track of sobriety and growth. Our values can empower us while creating a life we love. Creating or Reinvesting in your values is an act of self-love and compassion for yourself. Feelings of guilt and shame have no place when doing this heart-centered work.

When we are in this place of growth, some feelings of guilt and shame may surface from previous memories. If this happens, please know you are not there anymore; you are creating a new pathway here as you recommit to creating a life you love. As hard as it may seem, stay here in this moment of guilt + shame; although painful, your empowerment starts here. There is no judgment, just learning to sit with it and fostering self-compassion. Leading with compassion is the key. Your self-compassion will only aid your healing.

In my Values Mastermind Course, I offer a space for calling on grace and kindness. Whether you are recreating or initiating for the first time a list of values, being present, listening, reading, writing, I suggest getting into your body to notice what alignment feels like.

I suggest taking a moment to listen to this beautiful mediation from Sarah Blondin on Grace & Kindness from her book Heart Minded and notice. Is there fear, doubt, apathy, or did those limiting beliefs and negative self-talk take over? Use the meditation as much as you need until you leave with kindness + grace.

I have also created a guide that I offer as part of my Personal Values Mastermind Course that helps you brainstorm and identify your values.

I am offering my Personal Values Self-Discovery Guide FREE here.

The 4-week Personal Values Mastermind will open for enrollment soon! Stay tuned!

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