• Heidi Nichole

The Ultimate Guide to Kick Alcohol Cravings + Triggers to the Curb

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

This is your sign to start kicking those pesky Alcohol Cravings & Triggers ass.

Go from shame to confidence to overcome your alcohol cravings & triggers. You'll jump out of the cycle of stuck and barely surviving into a thriving, joy-filled life.

The Overcoming Alcohol Cravings + Triggers Mini-Course will give you...

  • A replay of the Webinar with 4 life & recovery coaches sharing all of their experience and knowledge.

  • A printable pdf guide loaded with resources, tips & tricks that work

  • A breakdown of the basics of alcohol cravings & triggers, so you understand how they affect you.

  • Actionable steps that you can use right away to work through a craving today increase your confidence while doing it.

  • Current resources to help educate further and support you through your triggers + cravings

  • Personalized and practical examples that when used will show results

  • Provide a few hands-on exercises and meditations you can try right now!

  • You get access to our contact information to ask specific questions or learn more about how to work with us 1:1


  • My favorite ways to ease anxiety at the moment & support your nervous system

  • My 5 Best Tips to Stay Sober & Social

This webinar and replay was a collaborative effort of coaches from Tempest and Personal Sobriety Coaching businesses and includes resources and tips that we have used to break through a personal trigger or craving scenario. This product is from a previous webinar I ran in May 2021 with 3 other talented Life & Recovery Coaches; You will find their contact information within the guide.

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