• Heidi Nichole

Step by Step: How to Boost Your Self-Compassion

The act of self-compassion can seem out of reach, and yet it’s so freeing! Many of us have had many years of conditioning. Conditioning can look like self-induced limiting beliefs or pushing ourselves to achieve and succeed so much that self-compassion can seem weak.

This comes up a great deal with my clients & within myself.

We all try things, and it doesn’t go how we want it to, so we label ourselves failures + wow! That critical babble can be so mean!

These short, easy steps below will help when you need to lean into self-compassion and grace a little more.

  1. Accept Yourself: Remember to have some space for grace for what you are doing. I urge you to focus on your exceptional qualities and accept those unique things about you. They make you, YOU!

  2. Pause for Self Awareness: Taking pauses to notice how you talk to yourself and try switching it up. Talk to yourself like you would someone you love, a baby, or your pets. Our inner critic is one hot mess and can bring us down if we let her rule all of our thoughts.

  3. Focus on What You Are Doing: Spend more time noticing all the things you are doing and all the hard work you are doing—even the most minor things matter. One exercise I give my clients who struggle with seeing all they are doing is to take a few minutes each night and switch your focus from all you didn't get done to all you DID do. Write down those 5-10 items that you did get done. Deep breaths + showers count.

  4. Believe in Yourself: Let's not dispute the fact that you are magnificent. You are a unique soul with so much to give this world. This means having faith in your capabilities. You can do so much more when you believe in your abilities. This helps us overcome self-doubt.

I'd love to hear how you are going to show yourself some self-compassion and also what shifts you notice when you talk to yourself kindly. Feel free to reply below!

hugs + grace,


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