Rooted in Growth: 90-day Intensive Mastermind


Rooted in Growth: 90-day Intensive Mastermind

Community, Coaching, + Connection where we explore the intersection of lifestyle + sobriety!


How many times have you taken breaks from drinking only to end up back at it nightly? 
How many books + podcasts have you scoured through, searching for that secret "quit" sauce...


Only to find out there is not a special remedy to help you create the life you crave. 

I see you. 

I see you waking up pledging to yourself that it won't happen again. 

I see you trying to share your story with another in an authentic connection. I see you because I was you. 

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The Rooted in Growth Mastermind is where you will invest in yourself, connect with others, and grow with practical steps to support you in creating the authentic life you have longed for.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 
Are you ready to touch the edges of your life?
Are you ready to experience sobriety in a unique way, without shame? 


Are you ready to get rooted, grow within yourself + explore the intersection of sobriety + lifestyle? 

Inside the Intensive 90-day Coaching Mastermind:

Weekly Live Teaching + Coaching Sessions 
Group Voxer chat for on-the-spot coaching + support
Access to private + intimate connection within a supportive community

Access to all of my content + courses during our time together


Rooted in Growth Mastermind


$477 a month 


3 months in full 


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