Hi Y'all!

I believe we are all recovering from something. Every individual has patterns and practices that are holding them back from their most authentic self. Can you relate? 

About me and my approach

Hi Y'all, I am Heidi, and you've landed at my little spot on the internet that supports women to step into their power and ditch the cocktails. I am a mom, wife, Enneagram 2, Pisces (double water sign), INFP, and I whole-heartedly love my pursuit here with you as your sobriety coach. 


I began my recovery as a military veteran, military spouse, and mother of two. I was using alcohol daily while disconnecting from myself. I looked up one day and realized I had become a full-throttle wine mom. 


At that moment, I was hanging on by a thread, wholly detached from life and swamped doing everything with the kids, house, and a 20-year military career. So— I used booze to escape, relax and soothe my depression & anxiety—what a lie. This cycle kept me stuck and only drinking more. 

Sound Familiar?


I was full of shame and defeat. I had fallen deeply into an unmanageable cycle. I had tried to stop drinking and "get healthy" several times. I  previously attempted all of the moderation tricks. I even took prolonged breaks from drinking. Eventually, I realized that it would always be a thorn in my side until I identified and engaged with my drinking's root cause. No amount of tricks to control the alcohol cravings would help me until I took a good look at myself.

I wouldn't expand my life unless I started exploring my relationship with alcohol. 


Choosing not to drink was the ultimate self-love choice for me. 


Eventually, I found out I wasn't alone in this struggle. As society informs us, many individuals, especially women, don't experience alcohol dependence or a rock-bottom event. I am here to tell you that those dramatic events are not necessary to quit drinking. A low-bottom is not essential to begin your growth journey without alcohol. 


I support women ready to explore + embrace embodiment as they kick alcohol to the curb. 

If any of this sounds like you, you are in the right place, mama. We will work together to help you cultivate a life you love without alcohol. A life that you feel good in while stepping into your power and soothing your nervous system. A life that aligns with your strengths and values while leading you to expansion. 




I am a Professional Recovery Coach (CRPC), Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC), and a SHE RECOVERS® Coach. I am also trained in the Tempest Method of Modern Recovery and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach. 


Kelly K.

I’ve been trying to change my life for the last 8-10 years. I have done many things to try and achieve this goal and the piece of the puzzle that was missing for me was the guidance I received from Heidi. She is one hell of a compassionate human and she showed me that the power to change my life was something I already had in my grasp. I will be forever grateful.

Kate B.

Heidi is extremely compassionate. I knew that she was cheering for me when I did what I said I would do and would help me get back on the horse when I fell. I have a tendency to measure myself in a black and white paradigm. Heidi helped me understand that this journey is messy and that's part of it. She went above and beyond to fit me into her calendar and was always 100% present for all of our conversations.