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Every moment of your path has led you exactly here — and here is where you declare freedom.

Welcome, I'm Heidi 

 I support women who are busy as heck, who've read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and still feel stuck. These women are endlessly searching for the answers within their nightly drinks, busy work, family schedules, or outside of themselves.

They struggle with not being good enough, trying to keep everyone happy, and always looking for external validation, leading them to keep performing regardless of the disruption to their bodies and nervous system.  

I see you because I was you. 

The only problem is that the alcohol has taken control, and now you are using it to escape and numb while moving farther away from the true badass you are. 

You are looking for someone, a sobriety coach, maybe to help support you as you stand up and face alcohol head-on.  


My integrated Grow Coaching Program is a personalized system with curated resources and accountability to help you grow without alcohol while you soothe your nervous system and gain the clarity to combat anxiety and shame.

You will grow to cultivate new patterns of self-love and grace, which enable you to expand into your spiritual life, radiate your light, and thrive without alcohol. 

The women I coach are ready to explore a life free of alcohol + expand into the life they were meant to lead. 

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Coaching Services

Grow Coaching Program:
A 90-day Journey to Embody the Fullness of Sober Living.

This is your invitation to grow and expand within a compassionate, soul-led 1:1 coaching program. 


You are ready to put down the shame + embrace your authenticity.

You are ready to put down the nightly drink + create new routines + rituals. 

You are ready to declare freedom by devoting yourself to what is best for you. 

You are ready to own who you are as a sober woman! 


You will step into your full power, practice embodiment, recode old beliefs, + feel confident in your choice to live a fully empowered sober life. 

Get ready to live within the vision you hold for your highest self. 

During these weekly conversations, we dig deep to create supportive action steps that allow you to soar in continued growth. 

  • 90-day commitment for new clients 

  • Weekly 45-minute customized coaching sessions

  •  Unlimited email or voxer accountability check-ins between sessions. 

UncovHER Intensive Coaching

 This is your invitation to uncover, grow, and connect on your own terms.

You are ready to make some bold moves in your life, to reach your edges, and you desire a companion to help you reach the next level. 

Are you finding yourself tripping up on old beliefs + patterns, living in your mind, only thinking about the changes you want to make?

Are you ready to take some action to break through to the next level? 

You are excited to get clear about your next steps + have the authentic conversation needed to get to embody your next level of growth!

These intensive sessions will help you focus, help you get clear on your desires + your willingness to take the next steps that you haven't been ready to take until now! 


This is the conversation you need to have in order to get to the next level. 

In your intensive sessions, we get to deep dive into everything you've been thinking and feeling. You get to lay out all of the blocks that are holding you back and we get to work through them together. 
It is fast-paced and action-oriented, and it's doesn't require you to clear your schedule. We get to have conversations without being on the phone, or Zoom for hours.
We can work through things, and we go deep in order to get you the clarity you need to move forward, amplify your lifestyle and rejuvenate your excitement for sober living. 

  • intensive coaching via the voxer app

  • accountability + support curated for where you are

Voxer is my fave app right now!!

Voxer is a free messenger app- you will have me in your back pocket based on your program to ask questions, gain clarity + integrate small actions that fully recode those areas where you feel stuck. 

It is a Secure, real-time communication in one robust push-to-talk (PTT) app, walkie-talkie style. The Voxer app works with iPhone, Android, and the web (iPad or computer).  

"I believe we are all recovering from something." 

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