Every moment of your path has led you exactly here-- and here is where you belong.

Welcome, I'm Heidi 

 I work with women who are busy as heck, who've read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and still feel stuck. These women are endlessly searching for the answers within their nightly drinks, busy work, family schedules, or outside of themselves.

They struggle with not being good enough, trying to keep everyone happy, and always looking for external validation, leading them to keep performing regardless of the disruption to their bodies and nervous system.  

I see you because I was you. 

The only problem is that the alcohol has taken control, and now you are using it to escape and numb while moving farther away from the true badass you are. 

You are looking for someone, a sobriety coach maybe to help support you as you stand up and face alcohol head-on.  


My integrated Grow Coaching Program is a personalized system with curated resources and accountability to help you kick alcohol to the curb while you soothe your nervous system and gain the clarity to combat anxiety and shame. You will grow to cultivate new patterns of self-love and grace, which will enable you to tune into your spiritual life, radiate your light, and thrive without alcohol. 

The women I coach are ready to break free of alcohol in order to become what they were meant to be. 

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Grow Coaching Program

Let's do this!


You are excited to take the next step in this big, wonderful life of yours!

Please use the button below to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call with Heidi. 


  • 3-month commitment for new clients - $525 investment in yourself each month.

  • Weekly 45-minute customized coaching sessions, where we dig deep and create supportive action steps that allow you to soar.

  •  Unlimited email accountability between sessions. 

  • Curated tips and resources that will best support you on your personal journey.

  • Spiritual Direction (not required) 

Growth Group Coaching
Coming in Jan. 2022!

This program will hold many of the aspects of my 1:1 coaching within a group setting and monthly life + recovery topics. 
If you are looking for an intimate group coaching program, my Growth Group Coaching program is for you. This place allows you to connect, share, and step into your power surrounded by compassion and grace, all while kicking alcohol to the curb... 
(3-month minimum program)

The Grow Coaching Program is NOT a replacement for an addiction treatment program. Mental Health Counseling, or Therapy

"I believe we are all recovering from something."